7 ways of improving your Facebook ad performance.

Try existing posts as your ad copy to get social impressions like page likes & shares.

Create several ad variations to avoid ad fatigue. Before you run an ad on Facebook, have four minimum ad creatives per campaign.

If you are on budget & want to generate leads using Facebook lead ads, go with lifetime budget. Limit the number of days to 3-4 & run your ads on schedule for maximum leads.

Set up an ad campaign with multiple ad sets & different ads, & schedule every ad set to be active on a different weekday.

Choose the right placement for your ads. Facebook news feeds are by far the best placement option you can choose. You can try with automatic ad placements initially. Once you get good number of impressions, make sure to identify which placements drive more results & leverage it.

Use advance targeting settings. Don’t narrow down your audience too much. It could result in higher cost per click. Choose one interest each default targeting & also match setting.

Once you start seeing some conversions on your ads, its time to get ready for lookalike audience. Best conversion number for me is 50. Once I get 50 conversions on my ads, I create a new campaign with lookalike audience. It helps in lowering your cost per click.

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