Facebook Marketing Services

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Facebook Marketing Services

Brand Awareness

Create brand awareness across audience that matters most for your business.

Lead Generation

Facebook lead generation ads are powerful & can help businesses acquire new customers.

Audience Targeting

Facebook has over 2 billion users divided into various personas based on criteria such as interest, behavior, geography etc. You can specifically target audiences to drive your business objective. Custom audience feature helps in reconnecting with people who have engaged with your business online & offline. Facebook ads also gives you an opportunity to connect with people whose interests are similar to those of your best customers using lookalike audience feature.

Ad analytics & reporting

Facebook ad analytics & reporting helps you in understanding the outcomes of your existing ad campaigns & take measurable steps to optimize it further for enhanced business advertising objectives like higher ROI & conversions. Make data driven decisions with our weekly advertising reports, you will have clear understanding of key ad metrics like cost per click, cost per conversions, unique link clicks, impressions/reach & ad recall lifts etc.

Facebook Page Optimization

Every businesses on Facebook starts with an Facebook page. Facebook ads experts at Right Targeting helps you in creating a well optimized Facebook page that can be further utilized in connecting with potential target customers. There are numerous ways of engaging with your potential audience using Facebook business page. Facebook business page can be best used for awareness purpose & letting potential audience learn more about your business offers.

Local Business Ads

Local businesses needs to connect with the local audiences to increase brand awareness, generate more foot traffic & in store sales. Store traffic objective from Facebook ads gives us an opportunity to connect with local audiences. Unique offer promotions can drive in more local audiences to your store. You can easily use radius targeting option to reach potential nearby audiences. Native map locators help people find your offline stores near to them easily. 

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads by Facebook uses product feeds to display ads strategically to engaged audience. You can retarget specific products to users who have already shown their interest on your products but did not complete a purchase. Another way of using Facebook dynamic product ads is you can cross-sell or upsell between product categories to existing users. Strategically planned dynamic product ads can increase overall sales & revenue.

Campaign budget optimization

You can easily tap into best available opportunities for results across your existing campaign ad sets & distribute your campaign budget in real time to drive enhanced results using Campaign Budget Optimization(CBO). Well strategized campaign budget optimization can save you lots of time & money in the long run. An example of CBO will be to utilize lowest cost bid strategy for events that can drive significant results for your business.

Ready for the next level Facebook Marketing Services? Here’s what happens when you contact us


First Conversation

Our experienced Facebook ads service management team will call you as fast as possible to discuss your requirements.


Business Objectives

We will discuss your business objectives to craft an result oriented Facebook marketing strategy for your business.


Research & Analysis

We will conduct in-depth research & analysis to create effective Facebook ads strategy.


Strategy Discussion

We will discuss all possible Facebook ads strategies for implementation that make positive ROI.



On approval, our experienced Facebook marketing team will implement discussed strategy to boost your online reach.



We will provide weekly metrics & use data to make further decisions to enhance your Facebook ads performance.

Professional Facebook Marketing Services

Marketing Objectives

Choosing the right marketing objectives gives your Facebook marketing campaigns the right direction. Our Facebook marketing service team aligns your business objectives by choosing the right marketing objectives available on Facebook.

Split Testing

Split testing helps you identify ad formats that performs better. Split test is one of the core strategy involved in campaign budget optimization process & saves you time, money & improves return on ad spends(ROAS)


Retargeting is a way to show your ads to potential customers who has already shown interest in your services or products by visiting your website or apps. Retargeting helps you increase your conversions.

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