Find Email Address From Any Website | 10 Quick Steps

Ever wondered how to find the email address of any desired person or prospects for cold emailing?

If yes then you might know how often we get into deep thoughts of figuring out different ways of finding email addresses.

Without wasting time I would love to show you my exact method in 10 quick steps that you can follow to find email addresses for cold emailing.

The first thing you need to do is signup for, no need to buy paid plans for now. They offer freemium plans. Once you sign up, follow the following steps to find email addresses.

How to find an email address from any website

  1. Sign up for Sign Up

  2. Install Email Finder & LI Prospect Finder Chrome Extensions

    Install Email Finder & Li Prospect Finder Extension

  3. LI Prospect Finder helps you extract email addresses from Linkedin

    When you click on the above shown Install LI Prospect Finder button, it will take you to the instructions page. To install LI Prospect Finder, you need to download the .zip file from the given link.

    Extract the downloaded .zip file to install in on chrome extension via load unpacked method. After you download and extract file, go to the chrome extensions.

    how to open chrome extensions

  4. Make sure to turn on the developer mode inside chrome extensions

    chrome extenion developer mode

  5. Click On Load Unpacked And Upload The .zip File

    Load Unpacked chrome extension manual installation
    Upload the extracted LI Prospect Finder folder after clicking the load unpacked button inside chrome extensions.

  6. Enable Email Finder & LI Prospect Finder Chrome Extensions

    Enabling Email Finder & LI Prospect Finder in Chrome extensions
    Just cross-check if the extensions are enabled or not. If not then enable them. Ignore the errors shown under LI Prospect Finder.

  7. Now, let’s start finding email addresses from websites

    Visit any website. For example, am visiting Backlinko. Next click on the email finder from the chrome extensions.

    email finder extension

  8. Find Email Address And Save Your List

    You will see a list of emails from this domain. You can save it as a new list from add list plus icon as displayed or save it to an existing list from the dropdown list selector.

    Once you save it, you can view all email addresses inside your dashboard.

    find email-address from any website

  9. Finding email addresses on Linkedin using Li Prospect Finder

    Once you are logged in inside Linkedin, search for any prospect using names if you know them or do a random Linkedin search based on your requirements.

    Let’s say I am looking for a digital marketer and search digital marketers within Linkedin’s search tab. Then I click on people. This will give me a list of digital marketers.

    To find their email address, I will simply click on LI Prospect Finder extensions and it will show me the names of all digital marketers. In the next step, you can choose the end page number up to which you want to find the email addresses.

    find email address on Linkedin using li prospect finder

  10. That’s It!

    With the above-mentioned steps, you can easily find anyone’s email address from any website and Linkedin.

Tool to find email address saves lots of time

Anyone who is looking for email addresses has a purpose behind it. It might be they are looking to get in touch with someone who they already know but have no contacts to reconnect with them.

Or it might be that someone is looking to find email addresses of prospects for cold email campaigns to grow their business.

Cold emailing is an outbound marketing strategy & a lead generation technique where you find email addresses of prospects who might be interested in your products or services or may need it in the future and send them an email or series of emails to get a response.

Let whatever the reason may be, to find the email address, you can use websites like Crunchbase.

But free tools & websites are often limited. What I am going to show here, will allow you to find email addresses from almost any website with a click. So be excited and let’s get started.

My favourite email address finding tool

I have used multiple email address finding tools in the past & each one of them has its benefits as well as drawbacks.

And finally, after lots of trial and error with different email address finding tools, I found my favourite.

My favourite email address finding tool is You will find out why it’s my favourite email address finding tool in minutes. is a real-time saver for me. I don’t have to sit for long hours in front of my desktop to extract & find email addresses.

Marketers can take advantage of the automation features that come with is an automation outreach platform that gives a variety of features like email address finder, email verification tool,

Getting started with comes with a freemium plan that allows you to get started for free. You can start using it for free.

Freemium plan comes with 50 monthly credits and 100 drip campaign recipients. You can try out all the tools and features that come with a freemium plan before buying the paid plans. freemium version sign up Plans & pricing provides five different plans apart from the freemium plan. If you are just getting started with cold emailing, you could start with the “S” plan. S plan is best for startups and solopreneurs. paid plans paid plans

“L” plan with 20000 credits is most popular & preferred by many over other plans. If you are planning to send or already sending bulk emails of over 50k email addresses, the XXL plan will be your best choice.


To find email addresses for cold email, just follow the steps mentioned under “How to find email address from any website“. This will save you time. When cold emailing, always remember that people hate spam.

So be creative and send emails that provide value to the prospects before pitching for the sale. Hope you liked this post and I was able to deliver value to you.

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