How Google Analytics Works (2020) | Easy To Understand Post

Use this post to learn how Google Analytics works. Google Analytics is a simple platform that uses JavaScript to collects anonymous data and compiles it into useful reports. In simple words- Google Analytics is a powerful tool that offers in-depth insights about your website visitors or mobile app visitors and many more applications.

Purpose of this post- How Google Analytics Works is to give you a fair understanding of what actually google analytics is and how it collects data to process it into useful reports i.e. used by businesses. Businesses use these reports to understand users in a better way. If you want to grow your business, you have to understand your customers and their needs first. So let’s get started by understanding how Google Analytics works.

To Learn How Google Analytics Works, First Step Is To Open A Free Google Analytics Account

The first step to learn how google analytics works are to create a google analytics account. You have to create a google analytics account that is offered for free from Google. On creating a google analytics account, you will be getting a small JavaScript tracking code, which you need to add to each page of your website.

how google analytics works

Google Analytics uses JavaScript Tracking Code

Every time a user visits and interacts with your web pages, the installed JavaScript tracking code will collect anonymous information about how the user interacted with your web page. If you are running an e-commerce store and want to compare two similar products, this can be easily done with the help of Google Analytics. For example, if in your e-commerce store, you have different colored T-shirts but with the same style patterns, having different colors, Google Analytics can help you identify which color T-shirts users are visiting more.

Different types of information’s Google Analytics Tracking code can collect

The tracking code can also collect additional information’s from browsers, like language, type of browser, type of device, operating system. Using google analytics, we can also learn more about the traffic source your users used to visit your website. All traffic sources like search engines paid advertisements or email marketing, etc can be tracked using the analytics tracking code.

What Is A Session in Google Analytics

When a web page loads, that has Google Analytics tracking code installed in it, the tracking code will collect and send updated information about the user’s activity. Google Analytics combines this activity into a period of time called the session.

A session starts when a user navigates/visits a web page that includes Google Analytics Tracking Code. If a user is inactive for 30 minutes, a session ends and a new session starts if a new visitor visits your web page or old visitor revisits your web page with tracking code installed in it.

Collected data is processed into reports

When tracking code collects data, it sends the data to google analytics that is further processed into reports. Analytics processes data and arranges it based on various informational criteria like traffic source, device type, type of browsers, etc.

Filter options in Google Analytics

You can completely customize the way you want google analytics to process & arrange data. For example, if you want to exclude internal company/home traffic, you can apply a filter. If you want to use data from a particular country or any other area region, this also can be used by applying custom filters inside your Google Analytics platform.


I hope this blog post gives you a clear introduction of how google analytics works. Please feel free to use the comment section below to ask any doubts you have regarding how Google Analytics works.

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