How To Write Cold Emails That Get Responses | 6 Key Elements

Thinking about writing a cold email or already running cold email outreach campaigns? Either way, having your own set of rules to track and measure the performance of your cold emails is the key to a successful cold email campaign.

When you start writing a cold email, lots of thoughts get inside your mind. You start thinking about the subject line, the email body or message, the closing lines of your emails & the call to action.

It’s very natural to develop such thoughts. The key here is to remain calm and implement what you have been thinking of at first.

You don’t have to change anything before you can see the real results of your cold email. It’s a data-driven game, not a sentiment-driven game to keep on making changes before looking at the results.

To write a cold email that gets responses you need a combination of the following six things.

  1. Reach the right audience
  2. Write a compelling subject line
  3. Add a hook to the first readable line
  4. Provide a value proposition in the body or message of your email
  5. End with a justifying call to action
  6. Have a professional signature & other email footer elements that generates trust.

Reach the right audience

Target the right audience with the right message to get higher open rates as well as a good number of responses. Do a bit of research to understand your audience and buyer’s journey.

Identifying key decision-makers who can influence the buying decisions for your products or services is a crucial factor for a successful cold email campaign.

Write a compelling subject line

Avoid spammy subject lines like “Quick Question”. It’s being overused by a lot of email marketers.

A compelling subject line creates curiosity inside the email recipient to open your email. FOMO(Fear of missing out) is a huge factor to get the highest open rates.

Add a hook to the first readable line

After the subject line, your first line of the email is another crucial for getting higher email open rates. Email recipient reads the first line just after they read subject line irrespective of the device they are using. Check the below example image. It has a decent subject line but the next line adds a FOMO factor that could drive higher open rates.

COmpelling subject line and fomo factor in cold email

Provide a value proposition in the body or message of your email

Show them how your service is superior when compared with your competitors. Chances are that they might be already an existing customer of your competitors. Or they might be considering your competitors for similar services like yours.

Within few lines, you should be able to cover the following things that will make your unique value proposition standout

  1. Address their pain points
  2. Show your uniqueness
  3. Advantages of your services
  4. How your services will solve their pain points
  5. The delightful journey they will experience after becoming your customer

End with a justifying call to action

Your ending lines of the email and call to action combined with a great unique value proposition within your email body are the driving force in getting a good number of responses for your cold emails.

Usually, I like to end my cold emails with a question that makes sense for them to respond.

If the end goal of your cold email is to drive visitors to your website, you could end it by asking them to visit a web page of your website that provides them a unique value or has more information for them related to your cold email.

Below example is an email from Bruce Clay and it ends with a link to their website.

cold email call to action example from bruce clay's email

Have a professional signature

Your signature must have your name, designation, contact information(Phone number or skype, etc.) and company information’s like website URL, physical address, etc. This builds trust among your email recipients.

Email Footer

Email footer can be used to display your company’s social channels, awards, and other accolades.

The last thing to add to your email footer is a link to unsubscribe. It gives email recipients a way to opt out of receiving future emails from you.

As per the CAN-SPAM act, including your physical address & unsubscribe link is essential. You can also use your picture along with your signature and test it.

Hope you found this post useful and it provides value to you. Use the comment section below to ask any questions related to your ongoing email campaigns. We might help you in optimizing your existing email campaigns for better results.

6 key elements in writing cold emails that get responses [Infographic]

Cold Emails That Get Responses | 6 Key Elements Infographic

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