Is Your Keyword Search Volume Decreasing? Do This!

If you feel that your keywords are dying slowly or the search volume for the main keyword that brings you organic traffic is steadily decreasing don’t panic.

This is pretty normal. Search volumes depend on lots of factors like a current trend, upcoming events, new product launch, etc. Instead of panicking, you should look for alternatives to keep up the search traffic of your website. Let me show you what I will do to balance this decrease in keyword search volume.

I headed over to Google Trends and searched for hot topics in 2019 in the United States Location.

Google trends showing what was trending topics in 2019

I found many topics based on various categories. So just for example purpose, I searched iPhone11 in google trends. I am using a custom date range from first Jan 2019 to April 17, 2020, to see how popular this keyword was than and how popular it is now.

Google trends showing iPhone 11 search term popularity and sudden decrease in popularity after release date

As you can see from the above image until August end we did not see much search interest in this keyword. This keyword was at just 1-4 in search interest scale which means very low popularity for this keyword or not enough data.

But during September, all of a sudden this keyword-iPhone 11 reached search interest of 100 in google trends. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for any search term in Google trends. This sudden spike in search interest happened because of iPhone 11 release date scheduled in September month.

Now for an instance just assume that as a blogger, you might have written a blog on the same keyword i.e iPhone 11. From Jul to Sep you might have received a good amount of search traffic because of the sudden popularity of this keyword.

After 14th Sep, google trends are showing a decrease in search interest of this topic. The search interest popularity value has become 50 which is half of the peak popularity for this keyword. If you were ranking at top positions for this keyword, this popularity drop in search term would have decreased your overall search traffic by quite a bit.

And the popularity now is around 15 for this keyword i.e there is a 75% drop in popularity of a search term in 7 months. So is it worth keeping the content live for this search term?

If eventually, the popularity becomes zero for this search term, will it still be useful to keep this content page published when there is no search volume at all?

Best Alternate is to write an trending topic closely related to your old keyword

I feel the written content is old now as the search volume has drastically dropped. Such types of contents should be regularly updated with the current topic. So whats the current trending topic related to Apple or iPhone now?

Its the release of the new iPhone SE.

The search term iPhone SE 2020 as an alternative to low search term keyword
If I am blogging on gadgets, I will be aware of all major releases of new products. And as a gadget blogger, I will be aware of the next mobile release date by Apple and the new model i.e. iPhone SE2020. This search term is at peak popularity.


You can see Apple promoting iPhone SE 2020 through google ads.

Apple promoting iPhone Se through google  ads

So creating content on iPhone SE 2020 is the best possible way to keep your website search traffic steady. Instead of deleting the old iPhone 11 content-you can add a link to this new content from that page and pass on some page rank.

Another thing that you can do with this outdated content with an outdated keyword is modifying the content to related keywords. For example, the iPhone 11 might be an outdated search term, but terms like iPhone 11 accessories, iPhone 11 exchange, refurbished iPhone 11, etc might be still a popular search term. When I searched for refurbished iPhone 11 in google trends, this is what I found.

refurbished iPhone 11 Google Trends

As you can see from the above image, the search term- refurbished iPhone 11 is at peak popularity when searched on Google trends. So what you can do is completely change the content of your existing iPhone11 page to refurbished iPhone 11 including meta tags and titles without changing the URL. And if you are creating a new topic and deleting the old content page regarding iPhone 11 kindly create an auto-redirect to avoid a 404.


So that’s it for now from my side. We hope you got a fair idea about what you should do when search volume for any of your keywords drops. Please share how you manage the drop in search query volume using the comment below comment section. Thank you for reading this blog.

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